We have a fresh 1500 sq/ft of awesome used furniture every month!

And for the third part of Magpies…The Nest!  In the back shed area we have over  1500 square feet of great quality used furniture for you to buy as is or use for a chalk painting or repurposing class!  Bob, my dad, is the picker for The Nest along with Jill and Amy who are always on the hunt for a killer piece at a sale!  You’ll love what we have.  So come by and check it out! Super unique pieces at great prices.

One of the things we love is that old furniture has a cool energy about it.  We always pick neat finds that are great quality (you just don’t find good quality new furniture anymore) and love to know the story about the treasures when we can!  We love that instead of taking something to the dump, we are rescuing it and re-creating a new piece that can be treasured all over again.

All our furniture comes from only two places…we pick it up at a sale or people are generous enough to donate to Magpies.  So, if you are looking for a sweet piece or if you are looking to donate your treasure, come see us!  We’re your new go to place for used furniture!